Capacity building

Project Background

It’s in Citizens for Syria’s mandate to support nascent CSO and CBO’s, based on the vast survey and organizational capacity assessment, the field team has carried out with majority of Syrian civil actors, we figured out many points of weakness that could be strengthened by escorting their growth with continuous training and coaching, also with monitoring the progress and focusing on needed skills according to their domain of work.

The escorting (incubation) will be performed by an experienced project manager in a daily contact with trained field officers and some trainers’ on-demand

Over six to nine months, the organization’s senior management team will receive advice from the coach on best practices of project management and organization governance through regular online meetings, with a follow-up by the field officers via field visits to offices and operation locations, field officers will contribute with advice and on-site support to senior and middle management personnel of the hosted organization, while running an external monitoring and evaluation for the project (organization’s development)

The coach will help in writing project proposals and drafting and reviewing reports for donors, Citizens for Syria will provide support in translation and setting up policies and procedures for the hosted organization as well as any other required services for the development of the organization’s capacity

Once required, based on the OCA and project manager’s estimation, the hosted organization’s personnel will attend training on specific topics with external trainers or from CfS staff upon availability.

The training courses that we assume would be much needed for the majority of organizations, based on the primarily results of mapping civil society actors are:

  • Project Management in Development
  • Financial Management
  • Sphere Project
  • Human Resources
  • Strategy Planning
  • Advocacy and Visibility
  • Monitoring and Evaluation
  • Safety and Security
  • Digital Security
  • Communication Skills
  • Quality Management

In order to have this program delivering its intended objectives this program should be combined with a running project to be implemented from beginning by the organization and escorted by CfS, in order to support the organization with issues in-practice.