Project Background

CfS started researching in the civil society with the project “Mapping civil society actors” and considered the field research and data-driven research as a main pillar of our vision, the field team with an access to all syrian regions, actors and backgrounds made the implementation of such a goal possible.

Citizens for Syria information unit has produced several studies and researches, some were published when others are contracted by international partners.

The analysis of the data is produced by professional researchers either from the team or contracted ones according to their field of expertise, special assistance in data analysis and visualization using advanced software like SPSS, Tableau and ArcGIS

A special attention is paid to the quality of data and analysis which reflects in several layers of data verification in the structure of the information unit (operations department) with trained field officers conducting the surveys and supervisors to give the first evaluation of integrity of data, then the verification officer or quality assurance officer to verify the information.

Also in some researches we invite a review committee to read the research before it’s published.

Since the data collection is usually in Arabic, most of the reports are also in Arabic, however the final product is usually translated into either Arabic, English or German before publishing


Some researches we’ve participated in or implemented:

  • Report on the mapping of Syrian civil society organizations in Syria-Phase one (here)
  • Study on the Syrian civil society, based on the capacity assessment of syrian CSOs (phase two of the mapping )
  • Report on the Media landscape in Syria and available researches with list of active and inactive ones with Internews
  • Surveys on the state and use of internet in Syria for SecDev foundation
  • Identifying the Syria-originated civil society actors in Germany with the German ministry of interior, department of social integration and welfare.