We made our first step


Thanks to our dedicated team, our supporters and all the sincere friends who trusted us we finally got to start working on our first project, mapping the civil society actors in Syria, with an initial team of 7 who will grow soon to become 40.

The timetable of our activities are :

Data Collection

  • List of CBO’s in Syria : one month
  • Detailed information about each Entity: 3 months
  • Report from the information we collected: 2 weeks
  • Regular updates each 3 months



on the side our programming team Ahmad and Hozan have put their heads together with continuous help from Salah and O. to implement a secure and robust platform that hosts and manages the data from the Information Unit, the platform will be developed over 6 months however it will be available for access before as the modules get programmed each at a time then tested and published, it’s not an easy task to fulfill but we have experts on board.